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LOST DAUGHTER She was honoured for her beauty Her soul taken by demonic vultures The Raven calls her name A fractured soul, an army’s game Oh daughter, more beautiful than the Northern Sky We shall never forget you, for you are many
DANCE OF THE WOLVERINE Love and truth cannot be destroyed Deceivers and oppressors take heed The Light pierces through the dark cold sky Young and old dance with the fire Peace for all who doubt Father Death dances with the dawn
GHOST OF RASPUTIN The way of a pilgrim, scent of darkness A genuine soul trapped in his madness Northern Guru with a heart full of lust Hedonism a “way”- for the unjust Truth has many faces when hate just dies Cure a suffering prince- or was it a lie? A Death plot for a wondering ‘Staretz’ A cold Russian night, the ‘Reaper’ regrets
DOGRIB 07:29
-DOGRIB- Oh, where come forth thine offspring? Children born from a fire Mystical dogs and a Raven’s cry Young maiden seeks her beloved A prince from the Northern Shadows Oh sons, go forth and work the Earth Wolverine will be your guide Raven’s wisdom and a purple moon Oh Mother, we know thy name Sophia and a scared flame
FEAST 06:35
FEAST With their ancestors they celebrate the day Beyond Golgotha, old death will never stay Matriarchs pass on their wisdom Grandchildren peer into a kingdom Beyond the mask of the finite A tribe, a people of “Light” Feast for yesterday’s sorrow Drink to a new tomorrow
CARPATHIAN WOLF The scent of malice in the cold night Travelers racing towards the new light Decrepit old castles and dark facades And elder cries out “for the love of God”! Race towards the dawn Life or death? Race towards the dawn All hope is gone The night falls—the wolf cries—darkness lies
LITANY 06:06
LITANY From all this darkness Spare us From all this hate Spare us From all deception Spare us From sorrow and pain Spare us From fear of tomorrow Spare us From oppressive maniacs Spare us From all that is evil Save us


“FINAL RITE” --is Bleeding Raven’s final release. This album is a collection of the EPs released recently, namely, “YAMOZHA” and “LITANY”. The version of “YAMOZHA” used in the album is the second version. From “LITANY”, two tracks are alternative versions. “Litany” and “Ghost of Rasputin” are different versions…with some of the drums and guitars actually completely different. Finally, there are two ‘new’ tracks on this album. New in the sense that they were mere demos that I had in my “unfinished projects file”. So as the “intro” is “Mourning the Dawn” and as the “closing track” the title of the LP, “Final Rite”.

This album was released as a way to formally close the project known as “BLEEDING RAVEN”.

Not to be overly confident but this album is a powerful dark ambient album, with 'Black Metal' elements (without the ideology therefore probably NOT KVLT according to the die-hards) and while this isn't meant for the dance is a potentially classic album. Take time to listen to this album from beginning to end and you will find yourself transported into another realm.


released March 16, 2020

Music/Lyrics/Remixes by Dean Mason of Bleeding Raven/Gnostic Gorilla


all rights reserved



BLEEDING RAVEN Toronto, Ontario

An experiment initiated by Dean Mason of "Gnostic Gorilla" to explore a more abrasive/aggortech type project. Some of the tracks could be called doom-tech while others almost have a trance feel with some noisecore sentiments here and there. Yeah, it's very noisy and almost disturbing. That was the plan. ... more

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